Many of the more detailed questions or legal questions and answers can be found on AngelList’s excellent FAQ for Rolling Fund LPs. If you are new to rolling funds or startup investing, this is a very helpful resource and will bring clarity to anything left out of this FAQ.

Questions About Rolling Fun

What is your general approach to early-stage investing?

We invest where we think opportunities exist for 100x+ upside. It is important to

  1. Not miss those opportunities.

  2. Double down via pro-rata investments when companies are on a growth trajectory and actively eliminate risks.

  3. Not sell too early.

What are typical companies you’ll invest in?

We will invest in any company, token, or organization we believe can have 100x return, and establish a sustainably (ideally accumulating) advantage. This makes us sector agnostic, and we may invest in hardware, software, tokens, and more. Our track records and dealflow mean the focus will mostly be on e-commerce, saas, marketplaces, and web3.

Why are you called “Rolling Fun” instead of “SmartSavant BigBrain Super Capital?”

Because we have fun investing. And have fun working with founders. And like puns. We want to set expectations early that we are just entrepreneurs who have our meetings at BBQ joints, not board rooms.

What information will you share with LPs?

We will share as much as possible with LPs about investments, diligence, theses, and returns. Sometimes portfolio companies prefer their private investor updates not be passed on to LPs in detail for competitive reasons. We will honor those wishes, trusting Founders’ judgment on what is in the best interest of their companies.

What is my role as an LP?

As an LP, there are different levels of engagement you can act on:

  1. Passive: You set up your investment, then go about your life while we work for you.